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  5. "Are they eating her fruit?"

"Are they eating her fruit?"

Translation:Spiser de hendes frugt?

October 22, 2014



Why is "Spiser de hendes frugter?" correct? It would be not "Are they eating her fruits?" Thank you :)


Even though fruit has the plural form fruits, the singular form can also refer to multiple fruits. It's a confusing feature of English and while I was aware of it I assumed that the game would disregard it. I was wrong, so this question ended up tricking me too.


"Frugt" can also be both singular and plural.

  • Hun køber en frugt = She is buying a fruit
  • Hun køber meget frugt = She is buying a lot of fruit
  • Hun køber fem frugter = She is buying five fruits


yeah I wonder the same


I came here to ask the same question....


Why "hendes"? Why not "sin"?


Sin/Sit/Sine are reflexive possessive adjectives. In this case the subject didn't eat their own fruit. They are eating some woman's fruit.


Hendes is for a gender specific pronoun (aka her/hers) while sin reafers to an un identifyed or an inamite object (it)

[deactivated user]

    really missing an "interrogative" unit, where they explain a little about word ordering in questions.


    Why is "sine frugt" not correct? From my understanding sine does refer to objects. Fruits are objects.


    I’m confused on the handes part wouldn’t it be hende instead?

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