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I am... the finder of hair

Long story short, I was talking with a native Spanish speaker and they asked me what my job was. I don't know why, but I instantly forgot all of my Spanish. Finally, I said "Yo soy...long pause... el buscador de pelo". He started cracking up and I was so confused for like 10 seconds, and then I realized that I said I am "the finder of hair".

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I am not a barber nor a hair stylist. My job has nothing to do with hair.

October 23, 2014



My real name is Ash, but the "sh" sound is rare in Spanish (think down Argentina way), so I learned to go by nicknames like "Fresno" pretty early one. On the flipside, I have made plenty of conversation-stopping mistakes over the years. I once had a long conversation with an elderly Latina about how much I liked to eat cake as a kid. However, the whole time I was thinking of the French word "gateau." Oops.


did she think you liked to eat cats?


Lol! No, I'm sure she knew I was making a mistake and trying to say some sort of food. She let me go on and on, trying to say how old I was and what the birthday parties were like. I'm sure it wasn't the only mistake I made. But it was really funny, because after I finished my story, she just said, "?gatos?"


I can't tell you how many times I've seen a sentence in the French course and thought it meant to eat cats.


How about being milked instead of ordained?


wait no, you are not a finder of hair... you are a seeker of hair!


I have this problem in English (my first language lol), due to some medical issues, sometimes my brain will just toss out completely random words out instead of the one I'm trying to say... sometimes the words are close, sometimes, not so much lol. Add 3 extra languages into the mix, and let's just say it gets fun :D


Are you referring to Touretts or is it a different medical problem?


No, it's an odd disconnect that comes packaged with fibromyalgia, my husband always knows when I'm going to go into a bad flare, because he needs a decoder ring to have a conversation with me... sometimes it's as simple as switching mushroom for marshmallow, other days I might ask him to grab the transmission out of the refrigerator for me lol


Yes!!! Once a guy at the beach was trying to sell me a coconut. I was trying to tell him that I know coconuts and cannot be of that price. I came out with 'Yo hablo coco'. The young fellow looked a bit confused!! He left me without another word!! I find myself at a loss of any Spanish words once I know the person in-front of me speaks Spanish. 'I usually subject the little I know of Spanish to who ever I know do not know Spanish otherwise 'estoy sin habla' or 'me quedo sin habla'. We will conquer this language one day. Rome was not built in a day.


I have had the blank out moments - lol.

on a side note related to Pelo - my nickname with my mexican friends is "Pelon" (I shave my head bald every 36-48 hours, hence the nickname. But then again the guy that started that is nicknamed Chihuahua, lol - I call him Chihua for short. He also throws in "Pinche Pelon" every once in a while)


i feel for you. one time i said that i ate my pants and the mexican laughed


Hahahahahaha! I laughed so dang hard..... ;D


Ahah that must have been funny. I am an exchange student in Canada right now, and I made the same kind of mistakes a few times ^_^


do you now how to cook ? he he he


What is your job, anyway?


I would prefer not to give any of my information out (just for privacy reasons), but it has nothing to do with hair.


what did you mean instead of "Seeker of Hair"?


An older woman once told my father how embarrassed she was by saying, "Estoy tan embarazada!" (I am so pregnant). She had a good laugh when she realized what she was saying!


I work as a missionary and we often pass around the story of a poor missionary girl who had to speak in front of a church and while introducing her the pastor told a funny joke that embarrassed her. When she stood up to speak she said "Y ahora estoy ebarazada, y es tu culpa." and pointed at the pastor. The congregation, not knowing how close the words "Ebarazada (pregnant) was to our word for embarrassed gasped, as did the pastor who also had no clue what she had actually meant to say.

Needless to say, years later everyone still gets a good laugh at her expense.


Wow, that's a good one. I feel bad for the poor girl though! I bet she was really embarrassed after that!


That has come up in my Spanish class many times. Last year, we had to do skits about confusion. One group did embarazada/vergonzada, and a different one did llamas (llamas/flames/calls (okay, calls stretched it a bit thin...)).


I love these stories and comments....... Who doesn't enjoy a good chuckle and a smile, they have universal translations!


Hahahaha. My favourite part of learning a language. My best one is when I was trying to say that a real beautiful woman doesn't need to use makeup, but accidentally said "mantequilla" - meaning butter for those of you who don't want to look it up. I also talked about a workmate dislocating her rolling pin (rodillo and rodilla are two very different things), where I used to steal the cutlery from my ex when it was cold at night (I was trying to think of sábana - meaning sheets but for some reason I thought "cubierto" was a better translation).

Who said learning a language wasn't fun?


Oh, and I sent a recipe to a friend of mine and I said: one cup of cloud, not nuts. Not sure where you would find that in the grocery store.


I was told once about a girl who went to Spain after learning Spanish for a while and was really proud of herself and excited to try it out with some natives. She started ordering in a restaurant and said really loudly and confidently given her excitement "Quiero la polla," instead of "el pollo" - thinking that because she was a female she would say chicken in a feminine way. Needless to say everybody cracked up at her vulgar slip-up and she was mortified :D


Haha, great story. What were you trying to say though? I can't think of anything close that makes sense.


lol..thts a funny story!!!


hahahahahahaha that is so funny and yes that has happened to me because i was talking to my friends mom and all of a sudden i was blank


Lets just say this has happened to me one time too many;)




That is hilarious - here's a lingot!

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