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Having Trouble With Prepositions

I'm having trouble with prepositions. I usually miss 3-4 questions per timed practice, and I feel like that's really really poor.

I find it hard to remember them. With German we learned them and I didn't understand them, but as I kept reading and continuing with the language I got a complete understanding of them quickly. Is that what I have to do with Dutch to?

Any tips or tricks with prepositions? Is it essential that I spend like a week just reviewing these until they're in my head before I continue in my tree? Or should I go on as usual and hope it sticks with time?

October 23, 2014



If you are having trouble with prepositions then maybe you should try it without timed practice. Then try timed practice.


Yeah that's a good idea I suppose... What else do you think I can do to get them down? Did you get them down by learning them in a short time until you were solid on them, or did you learn them over time as you progressed with the tree?


I don't know what Dutch prepositions are like. However, I still struggle with French prepositions, For some reason except for "por" and "para" I never had much trouble with Spanish prepositions. Sometimes somethings just take a ton of practice. I would suggest learning by reading. Prepositions can very idiomatic.

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