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"The cat eats the boy's birds."

Translation:Katten spiser drengens fugle.

October 23, 2014



I laughed when I saw the option in the multiple choice for "The cat eats the boy's bears." "Katten spiser drengens bjørne." Thank you duolingo for making this so fun.


I got something even better, "the cat eats the boy's kids" (Kattene spiser drengens børn). I agree, this would be a lot worse without the random sentences.


It's not random, creators wrote everyting by themselves! :DD that's why it's even funier.


Duolingo has some humor! What would Duolingo be without these crazy sentences anyway? I look forward to each and every lesson to look at all these interesting sentences. It really encourages me to keep my streak and keep learning Danish. Thanks, Domingo!


Sorry I meant Duolingo haha


Sunday bloody Sunday ;)


This poor boy. First his mouse gets eaten by a girls cat and now the cat eats his birds too? (Wonder if it was the same cat). At least that dodgy man has stopped eating his cheese for now


Should it not be "fugler" or whatever the plural of "bird" is, as opposed to "fugle"?


There is a post here about the plural noun endings in Danish which will hopefully help


Thanks a million for that post, it's much clearer.


I had the same question, checked google translate and found bird singular = fugl, and bird plural = fugle. So, fugle is appearantly correct.


I still cannot get it right!


Drengs is not correct? I thought Drengen was plural for boy... as in BOYS... so it should be BOYS'... notice apostrophe after the S there. So confusing....


Drengen = the boy Drenge = boys

Dreng is the noun stem. En dreng is "a boy". For the definite article, add "en" to the end to get "drengen". The plural just adds "e" to both the indefinite and definite forms - so "drenge" (boys) and "drengene" (THE boys).

So the translation is entirely correct here. The cat (singular definite - katten) eat's the boy's (singular definite + genitive - drengens) birds (indefinite plural - fugle).

It's a fairly simple system in Danish (and likewise in its close relatives, Swedish and Norwegian), but it can still take a bit of getting used to, especially if you're familiar with languages like German and Dutch where the "-en" suffix often DOES indicate a plural.


Eesh goodness are these intentoinally dirty


Damn cat you are an ice kold killa

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