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  5. I am correct, but not?


I am correct, but not?

I am currently beginning to learn italian, and am having trouble with the listening section of the lesson. First off, the sound is hard to understand- even when I use the slow turtle (the "lo" sounds like "il"). But mainly, it tells me the answer is wrong when its right! I am also using the app on my android. Any solution?? Thanks!!

June 20, 2013

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The Italian experts will tell you that the audio is fine and that you just need a trained ear to hear the Italian voice correctly, but I disagree and am with you on this. I have the hardest time hearing the difference with simple words like "ragazze" and "ragazzi". It does get easier but only when you get the lessons that dont have much audio to them. If you find a translation that you really think should be right just make sure you report the problem on the sentence with the feedback button.

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