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  5. "Katte drikker mælk."

"Katte drikker mælk."

Translation:Cats drink milk.

October 23, 2014



Please be careful about giving your cats milk. Most veterinarians don't recommend it. Cats don’t need milk, and the potential problems outweigh the potential benefits, as many are lactose intolerant.

However, I just completed multiple lessons with bears and ducks drinking beer, so this is a pretty irrelevant comment (x


I think it's relevant. Cats drinking milk seems like a common thing and many might not know its bad for them. It's more obvious that animals shouldn't be having beer lol.


Thanks! I didn't know that. Our cats really seemed to like it the few times we gave them some. Don't they know better?? :P

I think you should also warn people not to let their bears and ducks drink beer though. You never know lol jk


you shouldn't be giving them raw meat either. And it's always better to avoid industrial "soft" food and use good quality dry food which is good for their teeth


Where have you seen cat eating any kind of industrial food in ancient times? I was all the time the opinion that cats are carnivores and hunters. Do you think they'd dried the birds and mice after hunting them?


How long do cats live in the wild? And how long do they live at home in average? (10 years more, if you want an answer). And do you think that humans of the iron age used to take antibiotics like they do now? Should we go back to the good old ways?


I apologize to all those who want to read about the language here 'cause this is completely another topic. BUT, yes, I think we should go back to old times in some aspects. Fx, you mentioned antibiotics. Actually, there are a lot less cases when we REALLY need to take antibiotics as we normally do! Nature is full of "medicine", also the natural antibiotics. But- this is another discussion, so I'd like to quit this meningløs one. :) Don't wanna teach you how to care of cats I just think we've gone much too deep in industry. :) Godnat til alle!


Wet food helps urinary issues though.. I didn't know this until recently. They're supposed to get their moisture from their food I guess so they don't end up getting that thirsty or something?


the problem with industrial wet food is that it is full of bad ingredients which are bad for their health. Furthermore it sticks to their teeth causing them painful tartar which is then hard to remove.

You need to provide your cats with a bowl of fresh water which you need to change often. Cats will generally refuse it if they smell chlorine or other chemicals (dish soap is also a no-no) and in that case it's better to use bottled water. This also explain why so many cats meow until their owner opens the tap and then they drink from the tap's running water.

Of course, if you have time, you can also prepare fresh meals for them with cooked meat or fish. They could theoretically eat raw meat but the problem is that you need to be sure it is fully free from salmonella, worms and other deadly bugs.


Yeah I get that I was just saying they need something more than water in their diet for moisture especially males as they're more prone to urinary issues. Anyways I'm not trying to start an argument here I was just saying because my cat has issues like that and I never knew before..


I have a problem with the audio, I heard kat, not katte, how do I recognise the difference?


Why is this Katte and not Katten if it supposed to be Cats drink milk?


"Katte" (cats) is the plural form of "kat" (cat)
"Katten" (the cat) is the definite form of "kat"

(Bonus: "Kattene" (the cats) is the plural, definite form of "kat")


I feel like these types of problems would be more helpful if the had more options for different nouns ans verbs


They keep giving me tupo when i replace danish vowel with ae


I really think they should offer options for entering æ, ø and å. I'm doing Spanish right now, and there you get little buttons underneath, when appropriate, like this:

Otherwise I can only suggest copy/pasting the characters or getting familiar with unicode. Pressing shift, control and u at the same time will bring up an underlined u. Then you can type 00E6 and hit enter for æ. Same goes for ø and å. Their unicodes are 00F8 and 00E5.

Good luck!


They are also available for Danish. On a mobile you should be able to hold down the "A" button and it will give you a list of special characters which should include "Æ"


Ah! Well, there's your answer, kbkristensen - just use the buttons :)

Happy Danish learning!


This is only on a laptop, probably. I use a smartphone and there isn't such an option. However, Sean's answer will help the phone users.:-)


Cats drink milk - i wrote the exact same thing and it said the answer is wrong!!!


Can anyone explain why all (that I can think of at least) animal plurals are like katte, hunde, bjørne, without an r at the end? Most other plurals, it seems to me, do have that.

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