"Manden spiser fiskens kød."

Translation:The man is eating the fish's meat.

October 23, 2014



Since we're in "Duolingoland: Land of Unrealistic Sentences" :p, I want to ask: does "fiskens kød" means just "the fish meat", or could it mean also "some meat that is possessed by the fish"?

June 23, 2015


In this case "fiskens kød" literally does mean "the fish's meat" and won't be used for saying "the fish meat", which would instead be "fiskekødet".

With this sentence, "Manden spiser fiskens kød", it could both mean that the man is literally eating the fish's meat, as in meat that belongs to the fish, and not the fish's own flesh 'and blood'.

So like you pointed out, "fiskens kød" is "some meat that is possessed by the fish".

Now, "fiskens kød" could also refer to the meat on the fish. As in, "Spiser du fiskens kød?" = [Literally: "Eat you the fish's meat?"] = (Meaning: Are you eating the fish's meat? / Do you eat the fish's meat?). However, as a native Danish speaker, I can't see a real-life situation where you'd say this.

Unless you got very technical, and you were two people talking about which parts of a fish you would be eating:

Person 1: "Spiser du fiskens kød?"

Person 2: "Nej, jeg spiser fiskens øjne."


Person 1: "Do you eat the fish's meat?"

Person 2: "No, I eat the fish's eyes."

But unless you wanted to get specific like that it seems a bit redundant. If you wanted to say, "Do you have the fish meat?", you'd say, "Har du fiskekødet?" = [Literally: "Have you the fish meat?"].

I hope that helps!

July 19, 2015


Thanks, this helps a lot!

(It actually sounds a bit like a parallel to "yú de ròu" and "yúròu" in Mandarin to me...)

July 22, 2015


Great answer, mange tak!

October 11, 2017


Don't forget that "fiskens kød" can also mean "the meat of the fish": Lad det simre til fiskens kød er hvidt og fast = Let it simmer until the meat of the fish is white and firm.

July 22, 2015


I'd like to know this too.

July 2, 2015


Quick tip: Do yourself a favor and hover over "fiskens" for the correct pronunciation. For some reason, when the software reads the entire sentence, it botches the pronunciation of "fiskens", but does it correctly, when pronouncing it on its own.

October 23, 2014


Thank you for the tip, there is a clear difference in the two pronunciations.

December 20, 2014


I think this got fixed by now or I'm just too limited to make out any difference. :s

August 20, 2016


I also think it's fixed now. Then again, danish is pretty difficult to pronounce :D

June 15, 2017


The fish's meat? You mean... fish?

September 15, 2017


Why is it THE man and not A man?

September 11, 2015


Because "a man" would be "en mand"

en [---] = a [---]

[---]en = the [---]

September 12, 2015


fish eat meat?

November 30, 2017


This is silly. I'm English you wouldn't say fish's meat... You'd say fish meat even if it was in ownership to the fish.

July 26, 2018


I got a wrong answer when typing "The man is eating the fish meat." I have been taught in English you only ever say fish, and there is no such thing as fish's. Am I wrong all these years ?

January 27, 2019


o h g o d

March 1, 2019


I agree with all those who say that fish's meat is not good English. I think that in this unit the genitive "'s" is abused.

August 28, 2019
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