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Consonants without vowels next to them.

Are Irish consonants not surrounded by any vowels broad? Or what are the rules for broad/slender consonants? I just want to make sure that I get the pronunciation right.

October 23, 2014



... but all consonants have at least one vowel next to them? They don't necessarily have to be surrounded by them. Do you mean like for example T in "banaltra" when it's between two other consonants? Then the whole cluster is either broad or slender.


Yeah like the T, thanks that makes sense.


Could you give an example?


Corcra, dearg, snámhaim scíorta. There are probably more, i just don't know them.


But the cluster still has a vowel next to it. In corcra, it's a broad one. In scíorta the first one is slender (so, use the slender "s" and "c") and the other is broad, etc.


Thanks I guess I just didn't realize that there were clusters of letters.

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