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Feedback and mistakes, not losing hearts

Do the webmasters actually use the feedback to correct lessons? It used to take me 3-5 minutes per lesson but now it takes me half an hour and multiple tries because of slight translation inaccuracies or outright duolingo errors. For example do I really have to lose a heart for translating Creo que as "I think that" instead of "I think"?

Someone previously suggested the idea that one should not lose a heart if they think their answer is correct and submit feedback. That should be the case. Otherwise users will grow frustrated by these errors and stop using the website.

Am I wasting my time with giving feedback?

September 26, 2012



In the past month I gave feedback I think more than 100 times. Most with the 'still think you are correct' link, some with the feedback form to be able to attach a screenshot. In total I got response just 4 times. In a few cases the "correct answer" was even clearly wrong. Especially in the last few skill Duolingo often seems to use dice to judge which translation is correct this time. I know Spanish on a near native level (I try this course to see if it could be useful for people around me to learn Spanish) and sometimes I have to restart lessons because of too many errors in the lessons. The first skills were reasonable, but the further I come, the more the number of errors in the lessons increases.

  • @luis: ... maybe you have to open a new section for each language
  • "DuoLingo\Spanish\Feedback_Correct_Solution_Discussion"
  • "DuoLingo\German\Feedback_Correct_Solution_Discussion"
  • "DuoLingo\French\Feedback_Correct_Solution_Discussion"
  • in this new section "Feedback_Correct_Solution_Discussion" the DuoLingo Team can publish Feedback from DuoLingo Members - who assent this
  • the DuoLingo Community can discuss this Feedback
  • even the Community can vote if the so called "correct solution" is really a correct one


I appreciated the graph design. The new circle drops my motivation to do more than one test. How can I get graph back?


I am having similar feeling about the circle.


Some of the later lessons are of truly terrible quality, and clearly not ready for public use. Duolingo ought to be testing and fixing them themselves instead of expecting learners to provide free feedback on this error ridden garbage.


Too bad. I really think that duolingo should find a way to encourage native or fluent speakers to use their knowledge to improve the lessons. This is especially necessary for the 'still think you are correct'-feedback since it's more than obvious that this support will fade as the impression grows that those comments go unnoticed.

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Yes michldz, the webmasters of Duolingo actually use the feedback to correct lessons. BUT the method in which this happens seems to be VERY HAPHAZARD. I came across responses of what @jcbos and what @1km wrote. Sometimes I wrote 50 feedbacks a month and got an e-mail back saying "Thanks, we fixed it" just twice, sometimes I reached an answer rate of 50 percent, and within the last two day I had the amazing ratio of 100% suggestion to 100% fixed by Duolingo. The problem for the user is that we have to react like rats in a black box and we do not know if our action ie. sending feedback is doing much and if the effort is worth it. It seems to me that either Duolingo will have change its way how to deal with suggestions (not the ominous "Thanks, if we have more questions, we will get back to you).or people will just GIVE UP SENDING FEEDBACK. Then we will have learned NOT to give feedback... what a sad result for a learning website !


You are most certainly not wasting your time giving feedback. We use it to improve the lessons.


can you please help me i dont know what it is saying they are hard to understand


I don't know about the general "Feedback" tab on the left, but if I report "Still think you are correct? Let us know" I get an email back about 50% of the time to say they have accepted my alternative. I don't know if the other 50% is ignored, or they just don't acknowledge everything they implement.


They definitely look at them. I've offered feedback now and then for a year, and have received at least 50 emails saying they accepted my answers. I always leave an explanation as to why, so maybe that helps? It takes them a long time to get to them. I wouldn't be surprised if they have to spend a lot of time sifting through bad suggestions because people either don't know what they are talking about or are upset that they lost hearts (judging from the comments I see on the problems). I don't want to make the claim that I know the languages better than others, but it might suggest there might be more strategic ways to get your answer noticed/taken? I've seen loads upon loads of frustrated unfounded complaints in the comments. Perhaps the suggestions are more haphazard than the fixes....

I agree there are more problems with later lessons. I'm guessing that's because fewer users make it to those to find bugs. That's the major flaw with the setup, but it's how they make it free, so I'll take it! I have often wondered how they get native speakers to hang out and offer so much help in the comments. This setup requires their presence, especially for the moderators (administrators?) to choose the correct answers. I have no idea how they get them, or what the fix would be if there aren't enough.


It would be great to have more variety in the types of exercises. Some of the categories are unlikely to be useful e.g. translating occupations like guard, judge. carpenter or priest. The accents are so small that you only know there is an accent when you miss one and get a correction. Generally it is an enjoyable program but it could be improved and be more useful and interesting.


I have nothing to do with all my lingots. I think there should be and avatar you can buy, or being able to buy cloths for the owl. Hats and scarves would be a good addition to this game because all of the kids in my class don't go on a lot because there is no motivation, but if we have avatars, my classmates will want to go on because competition will be high, also Giving Duolingo more learners.


I would like to have a progress bar which says how much experience I have and how much I need to reach a next level. I think that would additionally motivate me to keep doing new lessons. Also this circle thing at the end of a lesson is not motivating at all and old graph was way better, so please put that back. (iOS version)


Hi I am using the new bots and they are ok BUT the acceptable responses are so limited that it is very frustrating when you try to converse. Also there are major cultural problems. I have just had a most disappointing "conversation " on the subject of Thanksgiving in my Spanish lessons. So many accurate and acceptable responses are not recognised. Is this bot a step too far???


Hi! I've just lost 37 days streak while I am equipped with streak freeze. (I know it lasts for 1 day). Probably an issue. Hint: iPhone, yesterday I had to skip, activated freeze at local 22:00. Today at 19:20 I opened app. Wanted to first buy the option 10 lingots for 5 days. Then app notified me that I've just lost my streaks. :( please check and if there's possibility I loved my gains of streak.. Thanks!


I know I have to wait half an hour because I gave a correct answer but it wanted me to have a different answer then that

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