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What dialect?

Dia diaobh, duolingo and everyone else :)

I was just wandering what dialect the Irish course on Duolingo teaches.

I'm asking because I noticed some pronunciation differences compared to other teaching methods (e.g. dia duit = dee-ah guit = djah ditch - deeah hit etc). I'm getting very confused by this!

Also, are the different dialects mutually intelligible?

Thanks in advance :)

October 23, 2014



Writen, it's the Caighdean, with some Bearlachas. Spoken, it's the "learner's dialect." There is no official standard pronunciation, and this speaker makes very common learner's mistakes, not conforming to any naively spoken dialect.

And, yes, generally the dialects are mutually intelligible, especially since the advent of TG4 and RnaG.


You mean that the speaker isn't a native?


There are several dialects of Irish, yes whether you are from Cork or Dublin, you will more than likely speak a different type of Irish. While almost everything in Irish is the same wherever you head, there's regional words which may be different depending where you are.


I don't have an answer for the exact dialect that is being used maybe this link will help you contact someone who does:


As for dialects having some sort of relation; in general I'd say they all share a base which mainly just varies certain words and pronounciation. I hope this helps.


It's the official standard.

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