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"Ik heb mijn eerste marathon gelopen."

Translation:I have run my first marathon.

October 23, 2014



Why is 'gelopen' (when hovered over shown as walked) translated to ran?


Lopen = to walk. Sports contests are an exception, lopen is used in stead of rennen (also for sprint distances). I'm not sure why, maybe a short form of hardlopen.


Ahh op die fiets. I knew lopen was walk, that's why I was confused as to why it translated into the sentence as ran. Wasn't aware it was an exception in sports! Bedankt :)


Say you did actually walk your first marathon (which is still a non-trivial accomplishment), how would you say that?


While in progress: ik ben mijn eerste marathon aan het lopen.

When you've finished it (say last week): ik heb vorige week mijn eerste marathon gelopen.


What if I walked 26.2 miles? Haven't I walked a marathon?


"I have walked my first marathon" was not accepted, but i think it should, because it is the literal translation and it is gramatically correct. I reported it. Actually I remember a case where a marathon was organized and the temperature was quite high and some people fainted. The organisation told everybody to stop running and continue WALKING. Afterwards people could say : "I have walked my first marathon".

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