"Estes meninos estão tentando sair da ilha."

Translation:These boys are trying to leave the island.

June 20, 2013

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Ninguém pode deixar a ilha, Jaque.


But see there's this pig's head on a stick....


Shouldn't "These boys are trying to leave from the island" also be correct?


I tried this as well. It seems the 'de' could be translated literally.


How about 'These boys are trying to go out of the island.'?! It was not accepted. Maybe old-fashioned but not wrong...

"(...) At the beginning they endured very much hardship, seeing that while they were busied about their husbandry, they could not go out of the island to seek provisions. (...)"

(Esquemeling, John. The buccaneers of america.)


I am writing this here because I did not find a place where I could contact the right persons for this kind of issues. On my mobile, I often cannot see the full text to be able to choose between the 3 answers.. and today I was playing and there was a text in a bubble, and it was impossible to write an answer below.. I could not even open the keyboard to write, because I could not see the line on which to write. And sometimes when one has to choose between words, you can only see the top of the bubble in which the word is, so you have to touch each one to see what is writen.. and then remember what is what in order to get the right answer. Please guys try and sort that out for us....so that we can continue having fun and don't need to stress because the app gives us problems. Thank you for your help, Best regards PS; and plaese, give us a mail or a place where we can talk about this kind of issues


Why not: These children are trying to leave the isle.


dbarger412, it might be because 'children' is 'filhos ou crianças', and meninos means either just 'boys', but maybe/probably 'boys and girls'?


'Trying to get off' should be acceptable

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