20th day: my impression

Hey Duolingo users,

I've just reached 20 day streak in learning Danish and I was thinking I must say thank you for the course's creators. At this moment I have 6 level and I'm doing Possessive Pronouns lesson.

I'd never expected that I can learn so many things in only 20 days. Previous I done the German tree, but I learn German in school and already known most of these things - it doesn't count. I've never learnt Danish, but I feel that Duolingo really works. Indeed, the pronuncation is hard (but easier than French one imo), but grammar and vocabulary are very easy for me.

I hope that I won't give up and finish my Danish three until September 2015 - this is my goal. Every day I do at least 1 lesson and I practise my skills. Thank you, creators, for this course!

October 23, 2014


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We will be cheering you on! :D

October 23, 2014
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