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How can I learn all of the words available?

I've finished the Spanish tree with having learned only 1571 words, however there appears to be at least 1735 words available in the Spanish lessons. I wonder if this is because I tested out of the first 8 or 9 levels. Any ideas as to how I can learn the words I've apparently missed?

June 20, 2013



Even without testing out of anything, I've still managed to miss a few words. Every so often when I do the "test all vocabulary" option I get a new word added. I doubt this would be an efficient way for you to collect the rest of them though.


I love doing the timed tests on my weakest words from the vocabulary section, so I'll definitely continue doing those. Plus I'll obviously learn more vocabulary as I translate more articles, it's just that this is a fantastic program, so of course I want to take full advantage of the entire thing.

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