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No encuentran al oso, translates to "They can not find the bear." Why is it "can not" rather than "do not"? Is it the "al"?

5 years ago



Literally, this is to be translated as: They do not encounter the bear. I do not know why Duolingo gives these translation(s). "Al" is surely not the problem here, though. I'm afraid that's all I can do for you for now.

5 years ago


The "al" indicates that the bear is probably teddy bear, or a bear with some relation to someone involved in the conversation. "No encuentran el oso" would be a better sentence if we're talking about some generic bear. I agree with you that it should probably be "do not", but in a loose conversation "cannot" might be acceptable. You would need some context to justify it, however.

5 years ago


I agree with calvoviejo we would need more context to determine a correct translation.

5 years ago