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question about immersion

Hey, I see a lot of translations that have e.g. 80% checked and done, 20% needs checking, but I see no lines that need checking (light grey coloured). I also tried going through and rating a whole article like this, to be absolutely sure that it's 100% checked and still it's marked as needing e.g. 20% checking. So what's the deal? Is there some rule that e.g. each translated sentence needs an up-vote from someone of equal or higher tier? This would explain why it is not accepting my "looks good" votes to complete the translation. But if this is the case, should the lines needing checking by someone of higher tier not stay light grey?

October 23, 2014



can anyone answer this? it'd be nice to get an explanation since I still see sentences coloured light grey then after I click looks good, it shows 15 people have already done the same, so why was it marked light grey? Is it really because it needs someone of higher tier to check it, or what?


no has any clue? or no one can be bothered? I thought this site had millions or at least hundreds of thousands of active users...

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