What is "XP"?

What does it mean when duolingo tells me I have, say, 3900XP? I can't find any explanation of this on the system. Thanks!

October 23, 2014


You can say thats the number of points you have earned.

XP probably comes from computer role-playing games where you advance character levels by gaining eXPerience points

For additional information on any of the topics, you can look up the Duolingo wikia page. It's user maintained and usually kept up-to-date. For information on XPs, you can check the below link.

Many thanks for your replies. I never use computer games (well, not since the 80s) so had never heard of XPs. Would be simpler just to call them "points", but oh well...

maybe, but I (and I guess many other people too) like the analogy to eXperience Points because that is really what they are - a measure of your experience in the language

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