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  5. "We open a double door."

"We open a double door."

Translation:Apriamo una doppia porta.

June 20, 2013



Could someone explain why sometimes an adjective is used after the noun and sometimes it is used before the noun? For example: A black door = una porta nera...but a double door = una doppia porta. I put "una porta doppia" and it was considered wrong, and I'm not sure why. Any help on this would be much appreciated!


In this case is the type of the door that is called "doppia porta".


I typed "porta doppia" and it was accepted. (2020/11)


no it wasn't for me 2020/11


I'm confused about this too, especially since I've also seen "caffe doppio", so I applied the same logic.


There're some rules, but as usual they don't apply to everything. Colors do always come after the noun.

There're also cases where both before and after are acceptable, AND they have different meanings.


I used una porta doppia and it was accepted. DL must have corrected.


I used it too, but I got it marked wrong...


Same mistake and DL didn't accept it either. I've read some comments but I'm still confused here. So basically you can't do any wrong by placing doppio (as an adjective of quantity) in front of the noun? Although we better ask for a "caffè doppio", right?


A double door is a noun not an adjective........i might be very wrong


Door is a noun and double is an adjective. That's what he's asking. Hope that makes sense :)


Any reason why doppia isn't even in the hint list for double? This is the first time I've seen the word.


It is in the hint list I used. In fact, it was the first suggestion.


Andriod verso on kindle fire choices: raddoppiamo, meltiplichiamo per due, and pieghiamo in due.


I also use the Android version. Strange.


• Apriamo una porta doppia.
• Apriamo una doppia porta. • [ We open a double door. ]

Accepted translations that I have tried.

Although "porta doppia" was accepted, I should stick to "doppia porta", i.e. Frigoriferi Doppia Porta.

Anyway, along with the translations, I also penned DL's definitions.

<pre>• DL definitions: • [ double ] • doppia • fare una duplice • raddoppierò • [ door ] • porta • sportello • portiera </pre>

Interesting to note that it's a different word when referring to a car door.

• portiera {n.f.s.} -e
1. [ door (in a car) ]

:) KK
ottobre 2019


If an adjective is a quantity (i.e number) it goes in front. Doppia is like a quantity.


So it is alright to say doppio caffé?


I'm no expert but doppio caffé should be ok. The "Position of Adjectives" section in this link might help explain it. https://www.italyheritage.com/learn-italian/course/grammar/adjectives.htm


I used porta doppia and it was marked correct but duo suggested doppia porta as an alternative.

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