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" an méarchlár fós ag obair."

Translation:The keyboard is still working.

October 23, 2014



You sound surprised...


How about "the keyboard is still at work"?


Which sense of “at work” do you mean — “at a work site”, “engaged in an activity”, or “laboring”?


I mean "at the work site"


Ag an obair could be used for “at the work site”, but it would be ambiguous. An unambiguous phrasing would be ag an láthair oibre.


And they said you couldn't, old faithful!


I noticed this recurring problem where when "is" is contracted to 's, the answer isn't accepted. For example, I wrote "The keyboard's still working" and got marked wrong, presumably because it thought I took "méarchlár" for a genitive. Please fix this error! It's not just this sentence.


If you find an error in an exercise, you need to report it via the “Report a Problem” button at the bottom of the exercise page; otherwise, the course creators won’t be made aware of it.


"the keyboard still works" is rejected. is there a subtle distinction here?


oibríonn an méarchlár - "the keyboard works"
tá an méarchlár ag obair - "the keyboard is working".

Irish and English both distinguish between the simple present (oibríonn) and the present progressive (ag obair). They are not generally interchangeable.

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I think that here, as it was discussed in the comments of other questions (including by you IIRC), it would again be better to say ag oibriú instead of ag obair since in this context it's working in the functional sense, wouldn’t it ?

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