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  5. "Het is een groot park."

"Het is een groot park."

Translation:It is a big park.

October 23, 2014



I just couldnt pick up the groot word. Shouldn't she have trilled her "r"?


I think accents vary. I've heard most of the pronunciations I can think of for R, in Dutch.


'It is a great park' should be accepted. Reported.


Keep in mind that great in the meaning of fantastic is not a valid translation of groot, which only says something about size.


It's more common to use 'great' as you've described but it still retains the Dutch meaning, if a little ouderwets sounding. Personally, I intended to translate it with 'big' but my predictive text suggested 'great' and I'm lazy. It would be more common for this meaning of 'great' to be a complement (compliment?) and not an attribute though.

'2, 4, 6, 8, Homer's crime was very great.' '... Great meaning "large, immense", we use it in the pejorative sense.'

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