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"Chaill an ríomhaire ach an méarchlár fós aici."

Translation:She lost the computer but she still has the keyboard.

October 23, 2014



I had "She lost the computer but she has the keyboard still", which I think is perfectly acceptable Hiberno-English, but they didn't accept it.


Why doesn't "She lost the computer but she has the keyboard yet" work?


That sentence doesn't make much sense in English. It just sounds... wrong. Maybe if you say "She lost the computer but yet has the keyboard" but you are just looking to test Duo there, the poor owl.


I had the same question when I arrived here but now I tend to agree about it not making sense to put "yet" at the end. The word order in Irish is different than English so you have to determine the meaning instead of replicating the word order into English.

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