"The woman's jewelry"

Translation:La gioielleria della donna

June 20, 2013

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why is it i gioielli? jewelry is singular so it should be il gioiello


In English "jewelry" is singular but it refers to many objects made of gold, silver or precious stones, therefore it cannot be translated as "il gioiello" = the jewel.


Why is "della" necessary? Doesn't "la" show possession already in this context?


la = the, why would "the" show possesion? Would you say "the jewelry woman" in english or rather "the jewelry of the woman". I know technically the second version isn't right either but it makes sense. So you need "of the" to show possession in english and you need "della" in italian


What i think is very confusing is the use of jewelry here. "The woman's jewelry" "La gioielleria della Donna" gioielleria is the place where you buy jewelry. The english sentence isn't talking about the store she owns but her bling bling. Duo also accepted "I gioielli della donna" which is the only right translation if you ask me.


I have mistaken :(

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