Translation:Irish is being spoken by them.

4 years ago


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'They are speaking Irish' would be 'Tá siad ag labhairt na Gaeilge'.

4 years ago


True, but it's the English translation that's unnatural - not the Irish. It would really odd to use the passive like that in English.

4 years ago


I is normal for native Irish speakers to normally speak in the passive form (such as this sentence)?

3 years ago

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I don't understand how this turns into "being spoken" when on the other sentences we have had it would have been "to speak"

2 years ago


This is the third item in this particular lesson where I have been asked to "type what I hear", and absolutely nothing is said. Nope, just entering without typing anything doesn'e work either. :-)} Trying to guess what the intended response might possibly be is quite a challenge, and all I am allowed to do is grumble that "the audio desn't sound correct". I don't know at this point whether I am going to be able to escape from this lesson with any credit at all for the long list of correct answers I have just put in. Anyone else have this problem?

1 year ago
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