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Site runs very slowly

For the last couple of weeks Duolingo has been running very slowly. So slowly in fact that it's almost unusable. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, have you been able to fix it?

September 26, 2012



Are you using Chrome? If you're using chrome try disabling one of the flash plugins. It worked for me.


Same problem, but no fix ... alas.


Yup had the same problem - it lasted about 2 weeks and gradually got better. It seemed to be when I was trying to work through one specific lesson.


I tried logging on at a different time of day. It seems their server is sometimes overloaded.

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Is there some particular part of the site that's giving you trouble?


Almost every time I click on "check" (or whatever the green button is) it takes forever to load the answer. Same goes for loading the voice samples. Sometimes I'm done writing out a translation before I hear anything. And I know for sure it isn't my connection - its super fast on other sites. I guess too many people are using the site now.

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