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Help with einer/einem/ein/eine?

If someone could clear up when to use einer/einem/ein/eine and give some scenarios that would help a lot. Thanks! Danke!

October 24, 2014



This is part of the case system, explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru02zvwQZoY


Unfortunately, there are no "scenarios" as you may expect.

German has "hard rules", and the matter of what you are asking is one of them. It is called "deklination". It affects articles, pronouns, adjectives, and in some cases even noun themselves.

"Ein" is an indefinite article in German. Therefore, it is subject to "deklination" depending on the gender and the case of the noun that it is being used with.

My recommendation is not to use "videos". Again, German is a language that has hard rules. So, in this case, those rules are better explained with hard written tables. Specifically for what you are asking, the following one is of use:


That should explain when to use ein,eine,einem,einer,eines.

If you get confused about the "cases", that is another question. And I would be more than glad to answer it if you ask me. But I am confident you already know the German cases and genders

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