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Skill Point Leaderboard

It would be a great idea to have a 'ranking position' that you can view amongst all duolingo users dependent on their accumulitive skill point score. Its great for competitive people like me as an extra incentive to sticking with it and really go for it. At the moment i'm resigned to adding loads of strangers as my friends haha..Along while before i catch up with the likes of wataya and sitesurf!! ;D Thank youuu!

June 21, 2013



Great suggestion! I'll let the rest of the team know :)


Please also bear in mind that this introduces extra-incentives to game the system and might worsen the "Wow, I can earn easy points by submitting random text as a translation" vandalism problem in the translation section.


Precisely what I was going to say.

I do like the idea of friendly competition, but the possibility of spamming for points worries me.


Please ban the random text translators without warning.


Having just completed a MOOC on gamification ;-) I suggest three versions, a ranking against everyone, a ranking against friends and a ranking against people who score very near you. I find the last one especially clever.


I don't think I'd ever catch up to some on here that have already completed multiple language trees! But it would be good to be able to have a ranking and try to climb higher in rank. I too have added people I don't know to get a bit of competition! But an overall numbered rank might be better.


I agree, after one month of Duolingo I'm hooked but I know that for me, having an overall ranking number would increase the incentive for me as I am very competitive. Also, anybody who sticks with it properly for a month or two is almost certain to get near the top 25% or something right now? At least more than 50% or something like this. Statatistics would be awesome :)

By the way, Duo rocks!


I really like this suggestion too... I only have 1 other active friend on Duolingo (trying to increase this!), so the extra incentive would inspire competitive-types like me.


I'd like an owl leaderboard that shows who has how many owls. As @bilboburgler says, maybe multiple leaderboards?


The way the points are currently assigned, i think that there would be some that could cheat the system and get top of leaderboards just by doing 1 lesson and practicing it over and over again - 20 points to answer "I am a man" constantly. Of course, what's the point for this hypothetical person to do this when they're not learning anything. Maybe they just want to have their name up in lights at minimal effort!

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