"Ele não sente culpa."

Translation:He feels no guilt.

June 21, 2013



Can someone translate: "He doesn't feel guilty" and then "He can't feel guilt"

As in, one is for a single occurrence, the other is that he doesn't have this emotion in him...he can't feel it.

Thank you in advance

September 16, 2016


Well, until a native speaker comes along and corrects them:

  • "He doesn't feel guilty" = "Ele não se sente culpado"
  • "He can't feel guilt" = "Ele não consegue sentir culpa"
September 16, 2016


For "He can't feel guilt"
I think a good translation is:
Ele não é capaz de sentir culpa.

November 9, 2016


why could this not be translated as "he is not sorry"?

August 17, 2017
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