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How to add a friend by username?

I'm new to duolingo so forgive me if this is clear to everyone else but I can't seem to find where I can add a friend without using facebook?

My friend has told me their username but the only options I seem to have are 'find friends on facebook' and 'invite by email'. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Renton

June 21, 2013



What I do is view my own profile, and then change the url from my username to theirs, and then it redirects me. Sorry I wasn't here to answer this 7 years ago


the only way ive found to add people is using the App :/ which in itself wasnt great


I have the same problem, I cannot add anyone by their username. The only way is for both of you to start learning a new language. I don't think you even have to learn it. Just click the same language and add each other on the leaderboard


I'm not able to add my brother who is using the option "Yo sé español, quiero aprender ingles"(I know spanish, I want to learn English)


I'm pretty sure that's because he is probably using a different website. There are some different websites for people who are trying to learn a language but they aren't using english


Ya your friend Renton is right.

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