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  5. "Kan du godt lide ham?"

"Kan du godt lide ham?"

Translation:Do you like him?

October 24, 2014



Really weird thing going on with the pronunciation software here. When you listen to the full sentence being pronounced, it becomes: "Ka du godt LIDE ham?". But when you listen to the individual words, you'll notice the software pronounces "lide" as "li". While the "kan" being shortened to "ka" is very similar to how your regular Dane would speak, they would also shorten "lide" to "li", with "lide" being the accurate pronunciation. Just wanted to throw that in there, for those who may not know.


Duolingo should add their own software system.Something similar to Forvo, where people pronounce the words, and then maybe wait to get approval from a moderator.I bet it's gonna be much more accurate than the robot we struggle with now.


There are robots with accurate pronunciations, but they are either too expensive or not compatible with the slow pronunciations by what I've heard. See: http://www.acapela-group.com/ and http://www.ivona.com/


Luis von Ahn had said something like that was on the "todo list" during one of their Reddit AMAs, but it's been over a year since then and the closest thing we've had was native speakers (and in the case of Irish the "native" speaker wasn't even that good at it) for languages that they couldn't get TTS for.



Thanks so much. Very reassuring to learn it's not just my ears.


Do i like him? No. Do i like ham? YES.


I like the apparent literal translation here: "Can you well suffer him?"


The litteral translation is can you like him. Lide means like. The word for suffer is spelled the same but pronounced differently. Also acts different grammatically


Funny! I prefer "Can you prefer him well?" to help me remember it means "Do you like him?"


So how would you say "Does she like him"? Kan hun godt lide ham?


Lige præcis, exactly!


Can you suffer him well


yes, yes, he is very lovely!


This is really annoying. How come she is over pronouncing the lide? There is no way i could say that correctly. Saying the sentence slower sounds completely different.


is the d in lide a soft d?


Yes but in everyday danish it is not pronounced at all. Just the li.


hi jackina please I nead your help in understanding the colors rules in Danish , I really can't understand them, waiting your answer and thank you

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