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  5. "Jeg behøver dig."

"Jeg behøver dig."

Translation:I need you.

October 24, 2014



If you were to tell someone "I need you" because you might need their help or if they're your significant other, "Jeg har brug for dig" (I have need for you) is more appropriate.


How did you get so good at this? You're only level 6 but you're saying things that I haven't even heard of. Are you studying offline, by any chance?


Sorry for the late response, I haven't been on Duolingo for a long time. But DeadlyUnicorn is correct. I am in fact Danish. And they are further right in that I started taking the course because it was in beta, and I wanted to help out with potential bugs. But without the 'responsibility' to do so, as an Admin would have :)


They're a native Danish speaker! :)


Then why are they taking the course?


Well.. I don't know but why not? Maybe to help people who are learning and to help get out any bugs since it's still in beta.


I am a dane and i use this course to improve my english and also to help others with learning danish. Also it is interesting how much you learn about your own language by having to explain it to those who don't know it.


Once I got good at Spanish I started practicing or learning English in Spanish as a way of practicing Spanish. So maybe that's why or maybe he wanted to help learners.


Good point. Still a bit strange though. If I were doing that for Engelsk I'd ask Duo to sign me on as an Admin or something. It seems silly to revise something you can already speak perfectly.


I think that a lot of Danish people do it backwards to learn the English since there isn't currently a Danish to English course :)


I like that there are so many helpful native speakers in this course. It really makes learning a pleasure. In other courses there seem to be trolls who argue for the sake of it.


It also has something to do with interest in the course. The human curiousity is a strange thing :)


I do it for the same reason as Hedebygade :) To learn English better, and help if i can. And it's interesting to see what others think about my language, and it also made me see how difficult Danish is as a language. It makes me think more about how we Danes use it, and that how we pronounce the words, many times are very driffint to how we spell it :)


But then what context would you use "behøver" in?


Sorry for the late response. One other context that I can give you would be, "Behøver det at være så indviklet?", meaning "Does it need to be so complicated?". But I would suggest that you take a look at this site, since it goes much more into detail about the different "needs" that Danish has. Hope that helps you out. Happy Danish learning!


Behøver= behooves?


Same origin, I'm sure


I need you too, Duolingo. I need you too


To all the danish people that are helping out . CHEERS :)


Jeg også behøver dig, duolingo <3


So romantic!


Awwww how sweet ❤❤❤❤


Quote from Catching Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ohh someone else loving Panem ♥


Is it pronounced "bahøwah"?


Almost. "behøwa" would be more correct, I think.


It's same I think. "-ah" = "a"


Yes, but "beh" =/= "bah" :)


I put in " I have need of you" and was told that was incorrect.


I Believe Wold be: 'Jeg har Behøver dig'


Omg so romantic


Danish pronunciation is farther from its spelling than any of the dozen languages I've learned heretofore. This sounds like "Ya behoowa duh." It seems "d," "g," and "l" are often silent, and vowels can be almost any pronunciation in various contexts (like English). Are we learning a dialect (which often behave this way in, say, German), or is this the official Danish, akin to High German?

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