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Ik probeer het te leren.

I was trying to figure out how to say 'I'm trying to learn.' when referencing Nederlands the other day, but at first I had Ik probeer leren. My Dutch girlfriend helped me fix this to Ik probeer het te leren. I understand that the 'het' relates to the "learn 'it'" part of the sentence, but I'm a little stuck on what the 'te' is for, though. Can someone explain this to me? And is this taught through the te+infinitive skill on the course?


October 24, 2014



It's part of the te+infinitive skill on Duolingo, but if you aren't there yet - here's something that might help it explain to you: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Verbs.Au06


Well, if you examine the English sentence "I am trying TO LEARN", you will see it also uses 'to' in front of the verb. Dutch 'te' in the sentence "Ik probeer het TE LEREN" has the same function.

Not sure if it helps, but try and approach it like a direct object. "I am trying to learn". What are you trying? To learn. "Ik probeer te leren". What are you trying? Te leren.


I'm trying to learn, would be "ik probeer te leren" as you say in english to learn in dutch it will be "te leren"

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