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1. Discussion limit? 2. Use of "have"

Is there a one-a-day limit on discussion contributions? I tried to make a second remark but clicking on the discuss button did nothing. Well, here is the remark: I translated "hebben jullie muizen" as "have you mice?" and was marked incorrect (you wanted me to add "got") - well, I have to tell you that "have you mice" is perfectly correct, if somewhat old-fashioned. I used it just to save time. While I wouldn't teach it in an English class, I think it is also misleading (because false) to mark it as "wrong".

October 24, 2014

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No, there is no limit on the amount of comments you can post. However, if you feel that your translation should have been accepted, then it's easier to suggest it with the green report button as it will then be sent directly to the team behind the course.

There have been discussions about whether this is correct usage and most people didn't recognise it as such. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's incorrect but there is no need for Duolingo to allow it and your comment that you were trying to skip time isn't necessarily a positive argument. The website is used by a lot of non-natives who benefit from clarity on what is acceptable. It also doesn't make sense to allow non-standard language when the goal is to train people to translate articles.

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