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  5. "Il limone è un cibo acido."

"Il limone è un cibo acido."

Translation:The lemon is a sour food.

June 21, 2013



I thought this sentence would be "The lemon is a sour food." (instead of: "Lemons are...") Wouldn't it be "I limoni sono un cibo acido"?


idk but at least The lemon is … is also considered a correct answer now.


I agree that it should be "I limoni sono un cibo acido." Maybe they will fix it.


How can "lemons are" be a correct option? The verb, the noun, and the article are all singular. Can someone explain?


It doesnt give me the option of lemon! Of course i'll be wrong!


I translated to "lemons are an acidic food" - should be accepted, no?


There was not an option to select the word "lemon" so lemons shouldbe accepted or else the sentence to translate is incorrect.


"A food"? I thought food was uncountable in English...?


It's weird, but it's grammatically ok, apparently. One specific food: "Broccoli is a bad food."


"Lemons are..." is accepted (I don't know if it was before), but it doesn't match the sentence.


I think that "lemons are a sour food" is accepted as well as "the lemon is a sour food" because that it is talking about lemons/food in general. Of course, "il limone è" is singular, so it would have to be "i limoni sono", but I think it's just making a generalization that yes, lemons are a sour food, and yes, the lemon is a sour food, basically making it the same thing.

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