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How do I advance to the next level?

I tested at level 5 and have been doing Skill Strengthening practice for a week now.

My 'tree' of gained skills used to have links part way down that were active and would let me test myself. Those links are no longer there!

Am I missing something in plain sight? Thanks in advance for any help. I really like this site so far!

October 24, 2014



If you have tested out of a section then that link is no longer required and is greyed out. The same applies if you pass all the lessons/skills in the section. You have free access to all the lessons in that section so you can go in and repeat lessons or strengthen skills etc, but you cannot test out of the section again.


Thanks psionpete. Coincidentally within an hour after posting my question I was bumped up to the next level. I had tried a timed session, which seemed very fast. Afterwards I lost my lingots, I guess because I only completed 9 phrases within the allotted time. After doing another Skills Strengthening practice I magically had passed to the next level with the corresponding 6 new lingots.

I find the structure a bit mysterious, although fun and challenging. I've settled into the mindset that Duolingo is patterned on computer gaming. Unfortunately I don't play those games. Perhaps I'm at a disadvantage because of that.

I've searched for clear guidelines but have found only basic help that doesn't feel complete to me. So.... I'll keep doing the practice skills. I suppose the idea is to be quite repetitive so as to learn through reinforcement, yes?

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