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I always thought that "good" in Spanish is "bien", as in "estoy muy bien, gracias". But google translator says that "bien", "buen", "bueno", and "buena" all mean "good". Is there any difference between them? How do I know which one to use? Muchas gracias.

3 years ago


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Most commonly (I say that because you can look up the other definitions of "good (bien)" here):

Bien: Well

Buen: Good, but only before a masculine noun --- El buen perro

Bueno: Good, after the masculine noun -- El ratón bueno

Buena: Good, before and after feminine nouns -- La casa buena, la buena niña

Now, there are sometimes subtle meaning changes based on where you place the adjectives and here.

3 years ago


My suggestion: brush up on the meanings of 'well' and 'good' in English

3 years ago