"A população tem entendido o papel do rei."

Translation:The population has been understanding the king's role.

June 21, 2013

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I already reported this, but I'd like to point out that the translation should be "the population has" and not "the population have" (when população is translated as population instead of people) since "the population" is considered a single unit.


Actually, either is correct. 'The population' would be considered as a plurality in British English, something in which it differs from the American variety. Cf. Manchester United win (Br. Eng) v Manchester United wins (US Eng).


Sorry Duo, but these pres. perfect lessons really suck.


Should 'the population has understood the role of the king' also be accepted?


Yes. But i think Duo would be more likely to translate that as "a população entendeu..."


I'd say "has been able to understand" or "has been showing understanding".

It's important to stress that there is a "recurrent action" taking place. It's as if the king has been making a series of decisions lately, and the population has been accepting all of them well.

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