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  5. "He likes bread with butter."

"He likes bread with butter."

Translation:Ele gosta de pão com manteiga.

June 21, 2013

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the de thing confusess me in the sentences


Always use DE after gostar ;)


I thought so but another sentence here was: Eu gosto DO gosto DA comida


Eu gosto (I like) do gosto (the taste) of the food (de + a = da comida)


Somebody wise posted to think of gostar as "fond of" and you will naturally start to add "de." Seems to work for me.


Brilliant rule! That will really help me remember.


Works the same in French. Romance languages rule!


Hello friends, This "gostar - to like" is confusing because it is irregular verb! There are two things to remember: 1) Use the proper form according the pronouce, like as below;

eu - gosto

tu - gostas

ele/ela - gosta

nós - gostamos

vós - gostais

eles/elas - gostam.

2) Gostar always comes with "de". Ex. "gosto de/da/do"

so many times de can changes according to which it is refering.. like: "gosto de/da/do" depending upon the gender of the thing.. hope it helps to clear some confusion. This is my first ever contribution to the community!



Thanks for the explanation. Would you know why in one sentence it was: 'Ele gosta DE pão' and in the other 'Eu gosto DO gosto da comida'? Both pão and gosto are masculine nouns, aren't they? So why one requires 'de' and the other 'do'?


Eu gosto (I like) do gosto (the taste) of the food (de + a = da comida)


So Pao is masculine, but gosta in this case is feminine because manteiga is feminine. Is this correct? Does gostar apply to the adjective over the noun?

*Edit: It has nothing to do with gender. It goes with the pronoun: Ele


Do you always have to use "ele" to say "he"? I omitted it and it was marked wrong.

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I am liking these explanations because I tend to translate literally and some of the Portuguese sentence structure sound awkward. Good job!


Hey please, someone help me with, "gosto" and "gosta"...

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