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"Tigeren vasker drengen mens bjørnen spiser."

Translation:The tiger washes the boy while the bear eats.

October 24, 2014



Again such a sentence, you people have a lot of fantasy :D But I like it, it keeps me practicing with a smile :)


jungle book!


Lazy bear. He should help wash the boy.


Politically incorrect fairly tales from from Brother Grim. In the real world, the tiger was just preparing dinner. A paleo by nature, he prefers to eat unprocessed food. However, having not tried this particular cuisine before, he just figured he'd be careful and wash the boy first. Unless you have kids of your own, its hard to imagine how much dirt little boys who don't wash behind their ears tend to accumulate. Also in his defense, the tiger. who had a few already and was getting old in the tooth, could not catch deer anymore. And, he was just taking a leaf out of the bear's book. Bears, who by nature are slightly less picky, throw their food in the water and make them swim to clean them up. If you have seen all those pictures of drooling grizzlies standing by waterfalls ( in natgeo documentaries about salmon returning sentimentally to the very creek they were born in,) you ll know exactly what I mean. I'll leave you to imagine what/whom he's sitting down to dinner with. ( no pun/s intended. ) This is merely a fairy tale. In present lingo - it would just be fake news. Nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. And apologise to all the vegetarians on the forum, me being a vegetarian too, can only look on in horror as the grim scene unfolds.


oh boy, thank you for the story! I personally love the funny sentences Duolingo has, and enjoy coming up with my own little stories too!


Meanwhile in duolingo's world


I think "the tiger" is just the mayor's nickname.


And the next meal is...


Sometimes I wonder what you smoke Duo..........;)


"The Jungle Book" kommer til mit sind, men tigeren ville spise Mowgli.


How exactly should this sentence be related to medicine?


I was thinking the same.. should be in the verbs section maybe?


Maybe because you need to be wash in order to be healthy?


A reminder of Janosh


This makes me slightly uncomfortable XD dette gørre mig en smule urolig


Apart from the fact this is a weird sentence, usually the word for eat used for animals is not "spiser" but "aede" isn't it? To say a bear "spiser" sounds like he's sitting down at a table with a knife and fork...


I may not know the word "aede" but I definitely imagined a bear sitting down at a table with a knife and fork. The boy was being washed in the sink.


Probably preparing a second dish for the bear.


New Jungle Book?


What is the difference between WHILE the bear eats and WHEN the bear eats?


From previous discussions, nar is when and mens is while. Hvis could also be used as 'if' here.. for ex. jeg spiser hvis hun spiser. i ll eat if she eats. I m not a native speaker so open to correction.


So the Tiger is washing the top part of the boy while the bear eats the bottom half, which was cleaned by the tiger. And the bear is going to eat the top part later?

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