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"It is total."


October 24, 2014

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? I don't understand the English of this. I'm not sure if "It is total" is a phrase in English... Are you saying "It is the total" if for instance we are looking at a list of how much we sold today and then you point at the final number and say "It is the total?" ...


It's not really a very good sentence. Should probably be "it is the total", as you suggest, or maybe "it is complete". I'm not clear on what the intended meaning is.


Good question but no, it isn't. If it's "It is the total" then it would've been in that sense. That was total as a noun, in this sentence it's an adjective.

To be honest there is no context, but we can imagine someone standing by a battlefield and saying that it's total destruction: "It is total".


I agree with that. I'd say as an adjective it should have a noun to modify... It's total destruction. It is total chaos. It was a total surprise. It is the total amount.


Kok gue dengar nya turtle ya


Ana: Apa di tempatmu mati lampu juga?

Ani: Yes. It is total.


Ini adalah keseluruhan kok salah ya...

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