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"She did not use to drink wine."

Terjemahan:Dia dulu tidak biasanya minum anggur.

October 24, 2014

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terbiasa seharusnya juga benar


jawabanku juga salah "dia tidak terbiasa meminum anggur" :(


Please fix this. Terbiasa = biasa


i think this is wrong translation?

'she did not use to' means 'dulu tidak, tapi sekarang ya'

so maybe 'sebelumnya dia tidak minum anggur'


I think it's in a similar sense, just differently phrased.

Refer to Collins en-en dict: "use" as an intransitive verb: "to be accustomed; be wont (now only in the past tense, with an infinitive, meaning “did at one time”)".

Also, used to and did not use to are similar forms: http://www.pearsonlongman.com/ae/azar/grammar_ex/message_board/archive/articles/00074.htm


I meant the Indonesian translation. I think 'Dia tidak biasa minum anggur' would be in England 'She does not normally drink wine', which suggests that she doesn't like wine much and has only drunk it once or twice.

But 'she did not use to drink wine' suggests that previously she didn't like wine, but now she drinks it frequently.


I think you're right "is used to" when "is" is the verb means acclimatization, {biasa, terbiasa} in Indonesian, while "used to" where "used" is the verb means old habit, "biasanya" in Indonesian.

So, because "did not use to" is the negation for "used to", the second meaning is correct. As in, she drinks wine habitually now, but it wasn't always the case.


yes, this same formulation 'did not use to' is also incorrectly translated in another module on the site.


Tolong dong perbedaan did not sama didn't gimana?


saya pernah baca kata use'ta, itu dibaca use to yah. contoh "you use’ta live in a house", yg artinya kurang lebih kamu "terbiasa" tinggal di sebuah rumah, bnar gak?

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