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how to make line breaks, bold text, italic text, etc?

I find it hard to get a good text layout while writing a reply on the discussion boards. Sometimes it automatically removes returns (line breaks) that I put to make schemes more organized.

Also I do not know how to make text bold or italic. Or how to make text bigger or smaller.

Does somebody have tips for me?

June 21, 2013



Duo seems to be using a subset of markdown. Look here, have fun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown [But please, use your superpowers wisely, don't make the forums a layout hell ;-) ]


Thanks! I will use it responsibly. I like helping Spanish duolingo users with their English (good chance for me to improve my Spanish), now I can at least control the layout of the post a bit.


Here are some of the things I know.

Hitting return/enter twice will create a line break. Using it once is often ignored.

  • You can make a list by starting a line with a dash (still need to hit return twice). Might also work with an asterisk.

Asterisks around a phrase make it either italic one on each side or bold two on each side

You can create a red box around a phrase with an accent grave on each side.

  • To make lists with normal font,

  • insert empty lines between list items.


  • the font
  • will be small and gray.


How do you do it again?


Ah, I got it. ==-- in the line after the text.


Thanks guys!!! Those are some really good tips.

More testing

  1. bird
  2. book
  3. bark

this is a quote... hopefully quote within a quote and it even has two lines Hey bro, I heard you like quotes, so I put a quote inside a quote so you can read a quote while you're reading a quote.

<pre>test </pre>


*this is italic *




  • 1 indent

  • 2 indents

test | test |---|---| more tests | lol

Edit: I can't make a bullet indented under a bullet, and I don't think I can make a table like I can on reddit.

test test
test lol
test test
test lol

Wait, nevermind what I said about not being able to make tables earlier.


They should probably disallow some of these formattings like the bigger fonts.


The right of the people to make big fonts shall not be infringed.


add two spaces
after each line
to force a line break with no space


Hij heeft ook een ❤

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