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is spanish hard

September 27, 2012

3 Comments This guys knows maybe 10 languages. Read his view on this kind of question. #5 on his FAQ

Jack, thanks for that link. It's good information. Spanish was hard while I was in high school and had to pass a class. When I was serious about learning the language it took about 4 months and I was able to hold my own in a conversation and another two months to sound like a reasonably educated person. Now my Spanish gets my by in Brazil, but that lowers my motivation to learn Portuguese (shame on me!).

4 months that is great! I have been at it almost 2 years and am still unsatisfied with my level but I am also a very quiet person and 90 percent of my practice is academic instead of actual communicating with the exception of writing from time to time through chat. Which actually coincides with the claims of most polyglots methods which is to begin using the language immediately for the fastest results, check out "benny the irish polyglot's website"

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