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Any way to print the conjugation tables?

The conjugation tables that come up for words when you click the "Conjugate" button are excellent! I was just curious if there was a way to print them out. Or even get to them later to print? These would be a great resource to memorize.

June 21, 2013



If you write the conjugation tables down yourself, you will recall them better.

Of course, if you really want to copy and paste verb conjugations, go to an online dictionary such as www.spanishdict.com

Copying and pasting is not going to help you as much as actually using the information, i.e. doing duolingo, copying the conjugations in your own handwriting/typing, or writing the conjugations from memory. If you copy and paste, you miss an opportunity to review and use that information that actually typing or writing would provide.


I understand what you are saying, and everyone learns differently. However, for me I have a somewhat photographic memory. But the problem is if I study my own writing and close my eyes, I see a garbled blob of chicken scratch. If I study nice, neat, organized charts and close my eyes, i can see the chart and read each word and zoom in. Kind o weird, but just the way it works for me.


I second this. "Copying and pasting is not going to help you as much as actually using the information, i.e. doing duolingo"


I understand the need you're describing and sometimes it's nice to focus on the conjugations only. That said, using the conjugations in the exercises will really help you retain the information. Practice makes perfect :)


I think doing the exercises when I understand the reasoning will help me to retain it. However, when I am just using rote memory to remember a certain exercise just because I have failed the lesson so many times doesnt do me any good if Idont understand the "why".


When I studied Spanish in college, before internet, we used a book called, "505 Spanish Verbs." It was an excellent book for looking up ALL forms of a verb. I notice they have apps for it now, but I still keep my book handy.


Thank you, I will see i they have a german version.


You are welcome and good luck.


I was just looking for a similar feature. One point to add to this discussion is it would be super useful to have a viewable and ideally printable place where we could see just the conjugations of verbs we have learnt through duolingo. It's easy to look up conjugations of a whole lot of verbs on other sites, but it would take quite a lot of ongoing work on our part as learners to continually update a list for ourselves that just shows the words we have learnt at our current level of duolingo. I understand from a separate discussion thread that a vocabulary section is currently being updated. I for one would really appreciate a feature with conjugations of verbs we have learnt to be included.

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