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Article that popped up to translate just for me.

How did this happen. I had just finished a lesson and an article popped up for me to translate. I have never had that happen before. How can I have it happen again?

June 21, 2013



We've added recommended articles to translate based on a member's skill. Only 50% of users are experiencing this right now. Glad you're liking it :)


Suggestion [I suppose you already thought about this but nevertheless here it is :) ] :

Recommending articles depending which categories the user has marked as favorites. Of course while taking in account their skill level. I hope this could be a thing for immersion somewhere down the line.


How do you guys choose which users get this experience?


We randomly gave 50% of all users this new feature to test how people like it.


I agree with other comments here. Although I like translating, it is of little interest to be presented with an article which is already 100% translated. Also the format does not allow reviewing the original article and the translation at the same time.


"Also the format does not allow reviewing the original article and the translation at the same time."

This, this 100 times. Having to load a separate page to see the translation is very inconvenient. A good fix would be to have them parallel on the screen, with a line running vertically down the middle.


I wish I got it, cant wait to try it when the testing is over.


I got this message today for the first time. Interesting idea, it gives an extra reminder to try the immersion. My only concern is that it proposed articles that were already 100% translated and I only had to read and confirm, not to translate. It would be more interesting, for me at least, if it was proposing new articles, of articles partially translated.


I'm glad I just about got to experience it -- finally finished the skill tree now, so no more lessons for me for a while -- but I think it's a great feature! Especially the seamless return to the next lesson. Would've loved to have that earlier :)


I love this feature, please keep it! All the recent changes have been great! The areas of duo that I have always thought were lacking are now excellent.


WOW! I didn't know it's a new feature in test and i'm a part of it. It's so cool to know how much Spanish I can read for the moment. You guys are doing incredible work! Thanks! :D


yes, I've had the same pop ups and really it's a bit like the immersion. look forward to more. i sometimes read criticisms from people who complain that the immersions are already complet. i think they are missing the point the fact of something having been translated does not mean it is rignt and fit for publication. the choices for approval or not are so aptly expressed: "sounds good" "sounds wrong" because even if someone doesn't know the source language well she knows if the translation makes sense ---sounds right or wrong. And even if she is not able to edit the passage it doesn't minimalize the value of the input. even tthough I'm just starting ger.i try immersions frequently. i get to work with language well above my level so get a taste of higher language then the research often needed for an article is an education in inslef in any language..


I also like having articles given to me based on my skill level, but I wish that it wasn't already completed. I'm just double checking that what is there is correct.


I've had both kinds given to me - completely new articles, and already-translated ones. Actually, I was given the same article three times, once when it was new and a couple of times when it was already translated. The wasn't interesting in the slightest to me, but I did work on several sentences - something that I would never have done if it hadn't been recommended to me.


Seems like it's going to be popular, I want in!


Ya I got this new feature finally but does it saying that I can translate 91.1% of the articles mean I am doing good or average?


Oh, I'm that 50%! Didn't know it was a new feature... just thought I have reached a certain level and it got enabled. It was pretty interesting and Google translate helped


Although I am very anxious to get back into translating, I do have another small criticism. Duo says that I can now read 95.4% of Spanish articles. This is absolutely not true, unless you define "read" as getting it after a lot of time with a dictionary in your hand. I just don't have the vocabulary for many types of articles, e.g. sports, women's fashions, politics, movie stars, working out, etc. plus there are many, many idiomatic expressions which I don't know. So, although it's great to be encouraged, overstating my comprehension level doesn't help.


Yes, I understand that although you have reached a really high level you realize thte there is still a broad spectrum of themes to master. Being a 15%er of course I don't dare delve into real translations at all. My contribution to Immersion is adding/or removing a "the" or rearranging word order and anything that feels unnatural to my ear. Right now I'm stuck on a word in the St. Nikolaos article:" Stratelatenwunder" ok "wunder" is "wonder" or "miracale" here but as for the rest I get from Greek "military leader, general etc" None of which adds anything to the meaning of the passage.Although "Miracle Worker" comes to mind it just doesn't seem close enough. (BTW as always I learned a lot throuhg this research..)


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