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"The permissions do not count here."

Translation:Tilladelserne tæller ikke her.

October 25, 2014



Does the word order "tæller ikker her" imply that the permissions do not count specifically here (but perhaps somewhere else)? Could you also say "tæller her ikke" to express that it is not the permissions that count here (but perhaps something else)? Or would "tæller her ikke" be wrong?


Kære Blodhund: "tæller ikke her" (but perhaps somewhere else) is correctly understood. "tæller her ikke" is (as in English) a wrong order of words. You could mingle the word order like this: "Here the permissions do not count" = her tæller tilladelserne ikke. By the way, instead of "tæller" you would more often say "gælder" (~apply).


Yes, I googled the phrase "Tilladelserne tæller ikke" and all the links found were to Duolingo. I tried "Tilladelserne gælder ikke" and got a few links to Danish websites.

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