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Spanish Testing

I just found this website that showed me how bad my spanish really is. There are quite a few tests and some review materials(I haven't checked the review practices). The tests are fill in the blanks and then your score is recorded as a percentage. Your incorrect answers remain so that you can have another go. The url is: http://web.uvic.ca/hispanital/hispanic/span100tests/index.htm

September 27, 2012



Rather disheartening isn't it. I was speeding through the early units and have hit a wall when I reached more advanced verbs and past tense. I'll have to look at that site. I'm realizing the limitations of Duolingo but now we know we have to supplement with other websites and materials. Duolingo will teach us to interpret, not compose and speak very well.


Good tip! The site is especially good since (in one quick look) it includes a lot of irregular verbs in the tests.

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