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Finally reached Spanish Level 25!

It took 51 days, but I have reached Level 25. I have kept my tree golden, and never broken my streak, but one day Duolingo arbitrarily deleted it, though it left my French and Italian streaks intact, and they have never responded to my help requests, so I kind of hate them and no longer recommend Duolingo to others. It has been a great resource though, and I have attempted to learn Spanish in the past with little success. Finally it seems to be coming together. If only they would pretend to care more realistically so I could love them again!

October 25, 2014



I see your profile with a 51 day streak.


Only the flame streak really matters, and even then not really in the big scheme of things. It is just incentive to keep us practicing. The Duolingo monitors seem to take months to respond to suggestions and problems. I finally heard they accepted suggestions I made months ago while doing certain lessons. They may actually get to you, but it may take a while.

Duolingo has several things that really frustrate me at times, but not as much as Babble, which I paid for and refuse to use. I try to remember that the overall learning is more important than that I disagree with them about the whether an answer was right or not, when I get that annoyed.

Congrats on your 25 level achievement! That is awesome!


Thank you so much! I know the streak doesn't really matter, but it does keep me motivated to do at least a little every day, which is a big part of why Duolingo works for me. I hold out hope that one day my proper streak will be restored, but even if that never happens, they can't take away what I have learned.


Congrats! I have up-voted and given a lingot, I am not sucking up to you but your post motivates me to keep working!

I want to get to level 25 so much and after all, if I see someone else can do it, then it is also possible to achieve myself ;)

May I ask a couple of questions, how many Exp points do you have at level 25? And did you get there mostly by working on the tree exercises or the real world translations?

Muchas gracias maestro! :)


30,000 points gets you to level 25. I finished my tree after 23 days, and I think I was at level 15 at that point. I have kept it gold almost every day and have continued to do quite a few exercises daily, but the translation points just pile up from translating once you are at the higher translating level. Often long sentences are 100 - 200 points apiece. Alas, once I reached level 8 in translating, it got very unusual to get any upvotes, because they have to come from someone at a higher level than you, but they are still massive point earners, so you don't have to do a ton of translating to rack up points. You may be much closer to level 25 than you realize, but I would not skimp on the exercises at all. They are much more useful for learning than translation, in my opinion.


Indeed. Even though I've missed out on translation points this whole time, I'm glad I held off until I finished the Spanish tree. I feel so much more competent at being able to give accurate translations now.


I concur with Andrew here - I would like to know how you did it, especially in the span of 51 days. It took me 76 days to get to Level 20, although I just recently started Immersion as I hear that is where the points can really accumulate.


I have made a few failed efforts to learn Spanish in the past, so while I made no attempts to shortcut or test out of anything, I was not starting from scratch. I'm sure it would take me forever if I was completely unfamiliar with the language.


Yes, that's from my French and Italian. My Spanish is "officially" only 16 days I guess, though sometimes it emails me that I must maintain my streak with the correct number of days, so who knows.


I thought they didn't do it by language, that you only have one streak.


Duolingo has both single-language streaks and an overall streak. The overall streak is the one you see in the bar at the top of the screen with the flame icon. The single-language streaks are not visible on the website, only through the mobile app.



Exactly, my app reports my streak to me in each language every day. Also I receive sporadic emails nagging me to maintain my streaks, each reporting one language and its individual streak.


Felicidades por la racha de tiempo tan baja y por el nivel 25, es increíble y a la vez un reto. Ten un lingot por el esfuerzo.


¡Muchas gracias!


yeah, it says you have a 51 day streak right now.


i want to get to level 25, but alas, i am level 7, around 50 points until level 8.

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