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How do you use duolingo?

I'm still figuring out the best way for me to learn with duolingo. At the moment I'm trying not moving on to the next new section until I get a streak in the timed practice, to make sure that I know what I've learned so far really thoroughly first.

It'd be interesting to hear what others are doing though :)

June 21, 2013



When I was your level, I was trying to progress through the tree as fast as I could. When it becomes obvious that you need to slow down, then slow down.

Duolingo adjusts the content of your lessons based on your performance, so I would depend on Duolingo providing the review. When your tree's golden color starts to fade, then, spend time on review.


I have found that doing lessons fairly quickly and also doing some timed practice every day is the best way for me. I guess each of us needs to find the way that works for him / her.


I do not know how to use it, how to add words in my vocabulary , ?how can I make my tree gold ? How this program will test me? And where is the sound. I am still using google translate to help me :(


You learn the words by trying. If you get the answer wrong, then Duolingo will give you the right answer. Check that and learn the words. How do you get words in the vocabulary? Every time you get a word right, it goes to your vocabulary. Then to get it all gold, you need to practice. Hope that helps.

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