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  5. "Non può appartenere a te."

"Non può appartenere a te."

Translation:It cannot belong to you.

June 21, 2013



How about"I cannot belong to you?"


That would be "non posso..." rather than "non può..."


'He can't belong to you' was accepted (14 March 2014)


May I say "Non può appartenerti"?


English-speaking children are taught (or at least used to be taught) to say "May I go out play with Tony?" rather than "Can I go out and play with Tony?" But "can" can be used for both ability and possibility. e.g. (a) "Antonio can't speak Italian and doesn't want to learn it" and (b) "Antonio can't be vegetarian, as I saw him eating a steak." The able/possible overlap is found throughout European languages. It is also found in, for example, Turkish. But the convergence is, no surprise, not universal. In Japanese and Chinese, for example, "Antonio can't...", (a) and (b) come out quite differently.


I wondered why this doesn't translate as He or She cannot belong to you?


I wonder the same thing. Non può appartenere a te.


I said "she" and that was incorrect. maybe just a programming thing. Can't take it personally :}


Are you certain that it's not the verb "appartenere " that takes an impersonal object? maybe there is another verb for possessing people.


Now, THAT sounds sinister! LOL!


After looking it up a little, I think "appartenere" is more for objects that you might own. If you were talking about your girl or boyfriend or child, you might need to say "stare bene". Maybe a Duo lingo technician could tell us more.


I don't undestand why can't is unacceptable. Can someone explain this please? English isn't my native language, but I thought cannot and can't are the same thing.


You are right, the meaning is identical


Tai Lung being refused the Dragon Scroll (Kung Fu Panda, 2008)

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