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"Hoe krijg ik een baan als dokter?"

Translation:How do I get a job as a doctor?

October 25, 2014



Why is 'How am I getting a job as a doctor' incorrect?

February 7, 2015


That doesn't work in English.

February 7, 2015


What do you mean?

February 7, 2015


"How do I get a job as a doctor?" means that you don't have a job as a doctor, and want to know how.

"How am I getting a job as a doctor?" suggests that you are actually in the process of getting a job as a doctor, but you don't know how that is happening.

February 8, 2015


So, it obviously does work. Not the correct translation, though.

June 27, 2015


Good point. ;-)

June 27, 2015


Slightly different meaning: "How do I get... " suggests the job is not yet in hand or even close by. Asking for advice.) "How am I getting ..." implies that a job is closer to hand, but that you have some kind of influence over the outcome. Unless of course, it's asked in a state of despair: As in "How am I (emphasize the I) getting a job as a doctor? ... (implying I am a complete failure...) Language is difficult.. Hope this helps a bit.

February 1, 2016


It is an incorrect use of English for this Dutch sentence. It is how non-native English speakers speak using literal translations from their own native English.

It is correct that this program marks it wrong.

If you insist on using the form "How am I ... " then you need to change the rest of the sentence.

i.e. Incorrect "How am I getting ..." Correct "How am I going to get ..."

To say "How am I getting a job as a doctor" is actually questioning the fact that you are getting the job, and that you cannot believe it.

e.g. "How am I getting a job as a doctor, i didn't even pass the test"

April 26, 2016


When "krijgen" means "to get," does its definition more closely resemble that of "to attain" or "to receive"?

June 1, 2015


krijgen is both receiving and attaining

November 6, 2015


Great question. Judging from the (standard) German meaning of "kriegen" I'd say the latter ("to receive") - but in the areas near the Netherlands the dialectal meaning of "kriegen" is "to take". Now I'm wondering if it has something to do with "krijgen" and how it is used.

June 27, 2015


How do I obtain a job as a doctor? ( vind ik goed)

November 14, 2015


is doctor a het or de word?

July 21, 2017


It's "de dokter".

March 29, 2018


What is a "career" in Dutch? In Afrikaans it's a "loopbaan" - any connection?

July 19, 2016


I said "How am I getting a job as a doctor?". Should that not be accepted?

August 19, 2017


Well, first of all, you have to be an Asian (ten eerste moet je een Aziaat zijn)

May 17, 2018
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